Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Giveaway! FREE CLOTH DIAPER!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Want to win a FREE diaper?

This couldn't be easier! No purchase necessary.

Simply post a comment below indicating your favorite cloth diaper from Two Little Whales and why you LOVE it.

The winner (chosen at random with a number generator) will receive the diaper indicated in comments FREE!

Be sure to indicate size and boy/girl/neutral for color preference.
Color will be based on available inventory.

Entries will be accepted until February 14th at 9:00pm and your diaper will ship out on Tuesday. If your favorite diaper is out of stock I will figure something out with you! :)

If you don't link directly to your own blog or indicate your name (previous customers ) please e-mail me AFTER you post your comment so I have your e-mail address in the event that you win.

Congratulations to #11 ~ Becky!

Valentine's Day Special

Save 5% on your entire order!

Enter Discount Coupon LOVE at checkout.

Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Valid February 13 - 27.

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quitecontrary1977 said...

I like the Whamies in white. From experience, I have found the one size snap diapers to be the best value ( you can use it forever!), the easist to adjust, and the snaps are more comfortable for my daughter than vlecro ( sometimes those rub her skin). I like gender neutral colors so I can pass the diapers onto my nephew once my daughter potty trains.

Temeshia Washington said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Currently my favorite diaper is Evolution. I love the way it fits my little lady and my husband loves it too so it must be great. I know you asked for just one but BSW is a close second for me for the nice fit. I love all the comments we get from friends and family about her cute diapers!

Laura said...

I love the starbunz super undies. Every night after his bath Liam puts on his undies and pretends to be a big boy. The trainers are easy for him to pull down and they are light weight to feel like real underwear. We have the speedy racer M and he thinks they are the coolest.

Anonymous said...

We love our Knickernappies!! They fit my son's chubby thighs, are extremely trim and don't leave red marks (so his skin doesn't match his valentine!!) :)
Betsy G

Ariana said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Knicker Nappies. I have used them for over a year and they still are in awesome condition and they don't leak!

Crystal said...

Starbunz Super Undies!

I actually don't have any, lol, but I have a 2yr old that could use some, and I'm sure we would love them!
They look to have a lot of stretch to them. And we've been looking for trainers that are in a pull-up style to make it easier for him to learn how to pull them up and down without snaps or velcro ripping open.

Thanks for considering our entry.
Crystal S (and Jacob, 2yo)

Jen said...

I LOVE Baby Soft Wraps! They are the only diapers/covers that don't rub and leave nasty marks. I also love that my children can't take them off!

Anonymous said...

We really like Knickernappies! They seem to fit my little one the best so far! Really cute colors too.

Anonymous said...

Man this is a tough call!!
But if I have to say right at this very moment I would have to say the Evolution OS Diaper....My son is a supper skinny and off the charts tall kid and i bought this to try with my daughter(who is also off the charts tall and a bit thick through the thighs) at night and have fallen in love with how custom it can be!!!
We are trying for baby #3 and this would be great for a newborn too. I know because my girlfriend ran out of diapers(cloth) while here and used it for a few days.( her daugheris 3 weeks)
I am waiting for my tax refund to buy a few more!!!
Any color is cool. My son looks supper daper in his hot pink KND. :) One of my other 2 favorites...ok ok I also LOVE drybee's AIO hybrid. I could go on and on.

Brandi said...

I would really love to have an evolution diaper. My friend has one and she is always telling me how great it is. I love my bamboo liners. They don't retain bad smells and they are super absorbent.

Becky said...

Bottom Bumpers are a GREAT fit on my hard-to-fit daughter! Very very few diapers fit her well (very low rise, but super chunky thighs!) and this particular brand (in small) fits her like it was cut just for her!

Here is a link to a couple pictures of her I posted on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day!
I love my evolution free-size diapers. I love the side snaps on a one sized dipe, and how trim they are. The inner material is just amazing and it makes me feel good to have such a "cool" material in the hot Florida summers.
Plus, the momma who makes these is just great.