Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nighttime cloth diapering with pocket diapers

Most cloth diapering newbies are apprehensive to use cloth diapers at night. I know this because I was one of them! It can take a bit of trial an error, but I promise you it can be done even for heavy wetting babies.

Once you find a good fitting diaper and appropriate absorption for your baby you will no longer cringe as you pick you little one up *hoping* you will not have a sopping wet baby and sheets to change.

The best night time diapers for my children have been pocket diapers with a combination of microfiber and hemp inserts. Microfiber absorbs quickly and hemp holds a lot. They make a great combination with hemp below the microfiber when stuffed in a pocket diaper. Because most pockets have stay dry inner materials your baby not feel wet during the night which can often cause waking or irritation.

What's on Allie's bottom at bedtime?

We use any of the following at bed time:

DryBees Nighttimes Fleece Pockets - Stuffed with a Super Do insert, or microfiber and hemp inserts

Fleece is bulkier than PUL, but it offers more breathability than PUL. This is a heavy weight waterproof fleece which differs from the inner fleece used on many diapers. DryBees Fleece are often the solution for super heavy wetters. Honestly, I was scared Allie would wake up soaked when she wore this. Nope! She did just fine. ~ trust in the fleece! I do not recommend using a onesie with fleece diapers, or snug fitting cotton pajamas. You will likely end up with compression wicking and the wetness will go right to the cotton. There is plenty of room to stuff multiple inserts, but I usually opt for Super Do because the diaper itself is already bulky so I don't want to add to that more than necessary and Super Do is definitely trimmer than multiple inserts of comparable absorbency. Lately Allie has become a super super soaker so if she is sleeping 12 hours I have been adding Just Hemp below the Super Do for extra absorbency.

Knickernappies with Loopy Do and Just Hemp OR Super Do

Both of these combinations usually suffice for Allie and she sleeps 10-12 hours each night. If she has had a lot to drink in the evening I will add Just Hemp below the Super Do. She may not need it, but I am not one for a wet baby in the morning!

DryBees Hybrid AIO with a hemp insert

DryBees Hybrid AIO is a great diaper day or night for us. The optional pocket opening in the back allows for stuffing of most any insert. I will stuff this with one or two Just Hemp, or a multi-layer hemp insert and have no worries that Allie will wake up wet. One hemp has always been fine, but if she drinks a lot or is going through a heavy wetting time I will add another just in case.

May 2009 Edited to add: A new diaper in the mix for nighttime!

Rocky Mountain One Size Diaper with Super Do Insert

Rocky Mountain Diapers with Super Do inserts have been working great and the stay dry
inner is AWESOME! Allie has been so dry waking up with these I questioned whether she had wet at all and found that the insert was pretty well saturated. These rock for bedtime in our home!

July 2009 Our new FAVORITE!

Knickernappies One Size diaper with a Super Do, or 2G Loopy Do and Just Hemp is our
current #1 pick. Allie has really slimmed down in the waist but is getting bigger in the thighs and these are just the perfect fit and function for nighttime right now!

The keys to nighttime diapers for us are:
  • reliable, good fitting pocket diaper (or stuffable AIO)
  • stay dry inner material (suedecloth or microfleece)
  • microfiber
  • hemp


  • Do not over stuff your pockets! Over stuffing a pocket diaper can often lead to leaking right out the thighs because you create a gap with the extra stuffing.
  • If you have a tummy sleeping girl, or a baby boy make sure you choose a diaper with a generous rise for extra coverage up front.
  • Folding hemp inserts can be used to double up coverage in the area where you baby wets the most when sleeping.

I hope this encourages you to use cloth diapers at night!

Will other diapers work? Absolutely. These are just our no worries bedtime diapers.

E-mail me if you have any questions, or want suggestions on a good diaper or insert to use with a product you already have in your cloth diaper stash.

Friday, December 26, 2008

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Knickernappies Loopy Do 1G Insert Giveaway!

For every $10 in cloth diapering products you order between November 12 and November 30 will be entered for a chance to win a FREE 6 Pack of Loopy Do 1G Inserts!

Loopy Do Inserts are the #1 rated pocket insert on Diaper Pin!

Made of 2 layers of thirsty hemp french terry plus 2 layers of ultra-thick white microfiber, these inserts can really absorb a lot!

Better still, the hemp has been prewashed! These can be used immediately and washed right away with all of your diapers! In addition, Loopy-Do© Prewashed Inserts are sewn in a loop so they'll dry just as fast as anything else in your dryer. (They will still need a few washings to achieve their full absorbency but you can begin using them immediately.)

Winner will be posted on my Sales, Specials & Giveaways page, and e-mailed on December 1.

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Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Freebie Friday! Win A Free KnickerNappies Diaper!

I absolutely LOVE Knickernappies diapers, and was so glad I gave them a try with my daughter.

If you have spoken with me I have probably told you that is was these diapers that really gave me the push to start my own cloth diaper store!

Needless to say, Knickernappies was the first place I went to apply for a retailer account!

What better product to have as my first Freebie Friday!

Knickernappies 2G are now available at Two Little Whales.

They have kept all our favorite parts of the Knickernappies diaper and made them even better!

Knickernappies 2G feature elastic at both the waist and back.

This keeps messes where they belong: in the diaper!

With hidden snaps and gentle leg elastic, Knickernappies 2G are designed for your baby's comfort.

Side snaps give this diaper a very smooth fit across the tummy. No more poofing or drooping!

In addition, side snaps are great for curious toddlers who have mastered aplix or front-snapping diapers!

Knickernappies are available in 14 great colors.

The winner will also receive a Loopy Do Insert by Knickernappies:

Made of 2 layers of thirsty hemp french terry plus 2 layers of ultra-thick white microfiber, these inserts can really absorb a lot!

Better still, the hemp has been prewashed. These can be used immediately and washed right away with all of your diapers! In addition, Loopy-Do© Prewashed Inserts are sewn in a loop so they'll dry just as fast as anything else in your dryer. (They will still need a few washings to achieve their full absorbency but you can begin using them immediately.)

Want one?

Simply post a comment stating why you want to try a KnickerNappies diaper, or if you already have some post why you want more!

If you are posting without a link to your web site/blog please e-mail me at blog @ twolittlewhales . com (without the spaces) with a copy of your comment so I can get in touch with you if you win!

Post anytime between now and 11:00pm EST on Friday, October 17th.

I will use a random number generator to select a post number from the comments. I'll post the winning comment to this post and also e-mail the winner.

You can then select the size and color of your choice from my available inventory, and I will send it right off to you.

Restrictions: You must have a US or APO/FPO mailing address to be eligible for this promotion.

Good luck!

CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCKY #16 - Meg! I sent you an email so you can select a size/color!

Monday, September 1, 2008

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Please check out my web site to learn more about cloth diapering. I have a growing selection of modern (i.e. EASY) cloth diapers including Knicker Nappies, DryBees, Wahmies One Size, Baby Kangas One Size Pouch Diaper, Thirsties, Starbunz Super Undies, Mums Bums All In Ones, and Snap EZ Eco Pockets & Trainers!
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ETA: Now offering Bottombumpers AIOs and Evolution Free Size diapers!

Why Cloth?
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I hope you will visit my blog often for update on Two Little Whales products, neat stuff and updates on silly things Connor and Allie are doing!

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