Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Knickernappies Loopy Do 1G Insert Giveaway!

For every $10 in cloth diapering products you order between November 12 and November 30 will be entered for a chance to win a FREE 6 Pack of Loopy Do 1G Inserts!

Loopy Do Inserts are the #1 rated pocket insert on Diaper Pin!

Made of 2 layers of thirsty hemp french terry plus 2 layers of ultra-thick white microfiber, these inserts can really absorb a lot!

Better still, the hemp has been prewashed! These can be used immediately and washed right away with all of your diapers! In addition, Loopy-Do© Prewashed Inserts are sewn in a loop so they'll dry just as fast as anything else in your dryer. (They will still need a few washings to achieve their full absorbency but you can begin using them immediately.)

Winner will be posted on my Sales, Specials & Giveaways page, and e-mailed on December 1.

Winner will choose the size, and they will be sent to you promptly from Knickernappies!

Happy Shopping!

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