Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Freebie Friday! Win A Free KnickerNappies Diaper!

I absolutely LOVE Knickernappies diapers, and was so glad I gave them a try with my daughter.

If you have spoken with me I have probably told you that is was these diapers that really gave me the push to start my own cloth diaper store!

Needless to say, Knickernappies was the first place I went to apply for a retailer account!

What better product to have as my first Freebie Friday!

Knickernappies 2G are now available at Two Little Whales.

They have kept all our favorite parts of the Knickernappies diaper and made them even better!

Knickernappies 2G feature elastic at both the waist and back.

This keeps messes where they belong: in the diaper!

With hidden snaps and gentle leg elastic, Knickernappies 2G are designed for your baby's comfort.

Side snaps give this diaper a very smooth fit across the tummy. No more poofing or drooping!

In addition, side snaps are great for curious toddlers who have mastered aplix or front-snapping diapers!

Knickernappies are available in 14 great colors.

The winner will also receive a Loopy Do Insert by Knickernappies:

Made of 2 layers of thirsty hemp french terry plus 2 layers of ultra-thick white microfiber, these inserts can really absorb a lot!

Better still, the hemp has been prewashed. These can be used immediately and washed right away with all of your diapers! In addition, Loopy-Do© Prewashed Inserts are sewn in a loop so they'll dry just as fast as anything else in your dryer. (They will still need a few washings to achieve their full absorbency but you can begin using them immediately.)

Want one?

Simply post a comment stating why you want to try a KnickerNappies diaper, or if you already have some post why you want more!

If you are posting without a link to your web site/blog please e-mail me at blog @ twolittlewhales . com (without the spaces) with a copy of your comment so I can get in touch with you if you win!

Post anytime between now and 11:00pm EST on Friday, October 17th.

I will use a random number generator to select a post number from the comments. I'll post the winning comment to this post and also e-mail the winner.

You can then select the size and color of your choice from my available inventory, and I will send it right off to you.

Restrictions: You must have a US or APO/FPO mailing address to be eligible for this promotion.

Good luck!

CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCKY #16 - Meg! I sent you an email so you can select a size/color!


Mistress Meeyee said...

I have been wanting to try these!I want to be more earth friendly as well as having softer diapers on my baby.He has sensitive skin.

Stephanie O'Neill said...

I love KND! Knicker Nappie's are one of the two diapers that doesn't leak with Sara. I have never had a complaint with them!

T.S. in FL said...

I really want to try out this pocket diaper. I like how trim it looks and
the elastic in the front to keep messes in. I bought a medium (too big) and small (too small in rise) both old style so I'd love to try an updated small to fit my little one :)

Imani A. said...

I am new to CD and purchased a some of the old style of KKD (as well as a few other brands of CD) for DD2 and DD3. We LOVE them! I would love to try the new pocket diaper on DD2 to try out how it fits! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try one of these because i love to try new diapers and never have any extra money to just try them out!
Kristina Olson @TM

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you told me about Knickernappies. I really like the fit and the gentle leg elastic. They work great for us with a LoopyDo insert!
Amy French

Tabitha Faulkner said...

I would to love to tryt his cloth diaper for Harrison. He has eczema and is prone to bad rashes, so I would like to use cloth at night to lessen his exposure to the harsher disposables.

Sara Jane said...

I only have one KND and have been wanting to try more. The loopy do insert is definitely my favorite out of the MANY that I have!

D said...

I'd love to try these--dd2 has mastered removing aplix diapers & has some that rub sores on her legs! I've been searching for better ones for her!

Amber said...

I would LOVE to try out CD'ing! I'm slowly learning more about them. These sound like a great diaper! I'll come back and post a link as I"ll blog about your contest as well! Thanks for this!

Elizabeth Moore said...

HI!! I still have the one blue KND I got from you last year and am now using it on baby#2, that shows how well made they are. The blue is still as bright as they day I got it although it gets plenty of use! The only thing I didn't like was my hubby couldn't stuff it but it looks like they've fixed that so Yay!

Temeshia Washington said...

I LOVE KNDs! They fit both of my girls great. I would love to try the G2 because my baby will soon be out of smalls and our meds are too big for her, but I think the new versions would work for her in a med. Thanks for carrying such a great product!

The Harper Family said...

KnickerNappies are my FAVORITE diapers!!

I love how trim they are and how they fit well in one size for a long time!

Plus, they're cute!!

And, Loopy Dos are my favorite insert...they hold a LOT!

Nancy said...

I have been trying to convince my husband that cloth diapering would be better for the enviroment AND our checkbook. I'm hoping if he could see one in person and actually use it, he might change his mind about disposables! I'm ready for the change! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try out this diaper. :-) Thanks for the opportunity!

meg said...

I have been using gdiapers for about a year. After reading great reviews for loopydos, I wanted to see if they worked in a gdiaper liner (they don't! Oops!) This week I decided to make better use of my loopydos and buy some KNDs. Now I can by a "real" CDing mom...

Jen said...

Would love to try one!

Richelle said...

I am new to cd'ing and my husband was really resistant until I got 2 knd's. He is totally on board! Now I need a few more so he has no excuse to not help out with changing the baby:D

Anonymous said...

We'd love a melon colored KND to wear on Halloween! :)
Betsy G.

Karrie said...

I would love to try one of these diapers! I don't have any money to buy any more diapers but I have been looking at these for a long time and I think I would really love them!

Anonymous said...

I would love to try one! I think it is so amazing they offer a one year guarantee on the snaps and elastic! How awesome is that?

Andrea- goyazite21@yahoo.com

Meg Boucher said...

Thanks Rachel!!! I just got my prize in the mail today. Henry and I much appreciate it, and you've one a dedicated customer.