Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wet Happened Stocked!

We just stocked some adorable new prints of Wet Happened wet bags in the shop. I LOVE these wet bags! As a first-time cloth diapering mom, I originally thought they were just for carrying my baby's dirty diapers in when I was out and about. It's true, they are great for that - I actually have kep 2 bags with me in my diaper bag, one for clean cloth diapers and the other to put dirty ones in once I do a diaper change. The bags come in Medium and Large, are waterproof and smell-proof, and I love how they keep the diaper bag neat and organized...

But now I've discovered that these Wet Happened wet bags are good for SO MANY more things than just carrying dirty cloth diapers! I use one for our swimsuits when we go to the pool - I just wring out the suits after the kids are out of them and through them into the wet bag. I use the small sized wet bags to organize toys and crayons and even snacks when we're on the go. I pack a little one with activities for each kid before heading out to a restaurant or to somewhere boring like the doctor's office.

My husband even uses one for his stinky gym clothes after he runs on his lunch break at work. And I use one for my yoga class. And finally, when my daughters got new dolls for the holidays, I bought one from the shop to stuff all the tiny doll clothes in - they know that when they're done playing with all those little dresses and booties, into the wet bag they go. I think I might be a little addicted to them :) I just adore the gorgeous modern prints and how clean and neat they keep everything. Plus, because they are made for use with cloth so they just last and last no matter how many times I wash it or how hard we abuse it!
Check out Wet Happened prints HERE!