Sunday, February 15, 2009

DryBees Hybrid All In One - Recent Bestseller

I have sold a ton of DryBees Hybrid AIO diapers this year!

I have had several newbies converting to cloth diapers, and they are loving this versatile All In One diaper.

The All In One design (microfiber insert is sewn within the diaper) and velcro closures are particularly appealing to those used to disposable diapers. These are easy for any caregiver! Use the optional pocket opening in the back and you have a very versatile diaper.

For those that just want one type of diaper this can be the one!

For naps, you can a Just Hemp or similar trim hemp insert to boost absorbency.

They also work great for bedtime with a couple hemp inserts, or a hemp insert with more layers. Some babies can make it through the night with just one hemp insert.

These are a true workhorse diaper, and at $16.95 they are a great value!

Available in lots of great colors and also some prints. Unlike many print diapers on the market, DryBees only offers 100% Poly Prints so you have no worries of early wicking!

Check them out!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I second this as a great diaper.
I add a hemp insert and use them for naps and when we are out of the house....just for a little added strength so I don't need to worry about having a wet problem!!
These are the best for the babysitter too!!!
Totaly a staple in our house as far as diapers go.
I switched to cloth a little over a year ago and love it soo much.