Monday, November 9, 2009

WAHM Monday: Buddha Bunz

My second feature this week is Melinda Allen of Buddha Bunz. Melinda is a WAHM of 3 beautiful children with a strong passion for natural living. Buddha Bunz gives her an outlet to share her passions with liked minded families. The featured item from Melinda's site is her Dryer Balls.

Buddha Bunz dryer balls are the all natural alternative to plastic PVC dryer balls. Made with 100% wool they gently bounce in your dryer to keep your laundry soft while reducing the amount of time it takes to dry... saving you time and money and reducing your footprint on Mother Earth.

  • shorten dry time on all laundry, including cloth diapers... saves time AND energy ($$!)
  • naturally soften laundry and cloth diapers and eliminate the need to use fabric softeners
  • handmade from 100% wool in the USA
  • all natural renewable resource
  • fire retardant... will not catch fire like other synthetic materials may
  • anti-microbial
  • last for years and years with no maintenance... just toss in your dryer
  • Buddha Bunz dryer balls are nice and heavy at approx 3oz each and felted very tight... made to do their job and do it well!
  • Buddha Bunz are the #1 wool dryer ball retailer and are continuing to grow each and every day!
  • Using 4 dryer balls on a 90 minute cycle will cut a small load of laundry in 1/2 and a large load by 1/4!
  • Saving you approx $.26 on a large load and $.51 on a small load of laundry!
Dryer balls are available in all natural off white wool colored (undyed), hand dyed solid colors of your choice, or custom designs - from sea monsters to college teams it can be done!

Check out the Dryer Balls and the other great products at Buddha Bunz today!

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Anonymous said...

We LOVE our Wool dryer balls, bought them from a mom at Hers are not raveled and will not come unraveled as I have had some do after only 1 month use. We have used the same 6 now for almost a year! They work wonders with all laundry especially cloth diapers too!