Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Bottombumpers Products & Price Reductions

In addition to the great new Hook & Loop Bottombumpers All In One, you can now get these great new products at
Two Little Whales!

Bottombumpers Pail Liner

Made with 2MIL PUL ~ Only $16.95!
  • Generous 50" circumference to fit stainless steel step cans and 13 gallon trash cans
  • 30" tall to go in and over the edges of the pail
  • Edges finished with White Fold Over Elastic to grab the outside of your pail!

Bottombumpers Organic Cloth Wipes

Set of 6 ~ $10.95
  • Double Sided Serged Cloth Wipes
  • Organic Bamboo Velour on one side
  • Fuzzy Side of Organic Cotton Fleece on the other side
  • Measures 8"x8"

The Side Snapping All In One Bottombumpers diapers are now only $18.95!

Custom preorders are also available.

Add colored snaps for no extra cost, or choose from 100 great embroidery designs for only $6 more!

Order by July 15th to be on this round of custom orders.


Jennifer said...

Ohhh, those organic wipes sound wonderful!

Dani V. said...

Those all look great.

Johnna said...

The wipes looks soooo soft!

Korene said...

I tested the small Bottombumper with the new hook and loop closure and I love it. I mostly use Wahmies, but I like this one a lot too.