Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Stocked: Wiggly Wipes

This is the last Wiggly Wipes stocking until after my move. Get them while they last! Choose from 6 great new prints!

Wiggly Wipes are 2 ply wipes ~ 100% cotton flannel in a fun print on one side and soft sherpa (80/20 cotton /poly blend) on the reverse - perfect for getting the job done!

These also make great wipes in the kitchen for messy faces or at bath time!

New to Wiggly Wipes? Check out the rave reviews on Diaper Pin, or post your own review if you are already using these wipes!

Cloth wipes not only work better than disposable wipes (one wipe handles most changes), but they will save you a TON of money! We are still using cloth wipes from when Allie as a newborn and they are in great condition!


Dani V. said...

I love cloth wipes! When I first started cloth I didn't realize there were wipes too! LOL But I started using the wipes once I heard that disposable wipes irritate diaper rashes.

Johnna said...

I've read great reviews about these on Diaper Pin and am thinking about ordering some.