Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thrifty Tuesday: Using Cloth Wipes

When I first researched cloth diapers for my son and saw cloth wipes online I didn't even consider buying them. I LOVED my disposable wipes. For bottoms, hands, faces and even wiping down baseboards they were great, even if I was buying an $8 box every two weeks.

Aside from the obvious savings, I started to see the reasons why cloth diapering families went to cloth wipes.
  1. Stopping off at the trash on the way to the diaper pail is a hassle and also stinks up the trash.
  2. I got tired of washing disposable wipes left in the cloth diaper.
  3. Like disposable diapers, disposable wipes have lots of chemicals in them.

According to Thirsties, the maker of Fab Wipes, the average household will spend $800 on disposable wipes from birth to potty training (based on an average of 3 boxes per week at $2.50).

For $50 you can get enough cloth wipes to last 2-3 days between washing depending on your baby's age.

I got some cute wipes (yes, they are fun just like diapers) and soon the days of buying boxes of disposable wipes were over. This also reduced my little guy's exposure to chemicals and reduced waste.

We have all had those diaper changes that required wipe after wipe...4, 5, 6 or even 7 wipes to get the job done! Cloth wipes can tackle the same job with 1-2 wipes. Rather than moving the mess around the fabric actually grabs it right off that little bottom.

Wiggly Wipes are made by another cloth diapering Mama/Army Wife who I met here at Fort Benning.

These awesome 2 layer wipes are made from cute flannel prints and coordinating sherpa. They are ready to tackle any diaper change!

I recommend having one wipe per diaper change and then an extra set for those that require a second wipe.

These also make really cute cloths for bath time!

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Dani V. said...

I didn't know about cloth wipes when I first started cloth diapering. Originally I bought some to wipe up my breastfed baby's face back when my first boy was a baby. Then I read that the disposable wipes have chemicals and that they can irritate a diaper rash. That's when I made a large purchase of other cloth wipes. I still admit to using some disposable wipes but not as often.