Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bottombumpers All In Ones - Trim Fitting, Organic, Quick Drying!

Bottombumpers All In Ones are a high quality, trim fitting, easy to use cloth diaper.

This is an awesome diaper for those looking for natural fibers on a baby's bottom without compromising convenience!

They are made with a waterproof outer of 2 mil PUL, an inner layer of organic cotton and a 4 layer organic cotton snap in soaker topped with Organic Bamboo Velour.

The side snaps (everyone knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE side snapping diapers) make them very adjustable to fit a wide side range. Allie is in larges right now, but can also fit into mediums (at 22lbs/2 years old).

This is often the diaper I recommend for babies with chunky thighs because the fit is so gentle, but they also fit Allie's little thighs.

Customer Reviews
"This is without a doubt the trimmest-fitting diaper I've ever tried, and I have tried a LOT of diapers on my daughter! She is tall and skinny and fits well into both the medium and large sizes. I did try this diaper on her when she was 9 months old and liked it but at the time decided to go in the pocket direction instead. That was a size medium at 9 months, and she STILL fits into the medium now at 20 months!

My first impression when I saw the BB was how well-made it is. This is very high-quality and looks good wash after wash. I have had people comment on just how nice it looks.

My daughter has crazy fabric issues and gets rashes easily with fleece and other man-made materials, and this diaper has been a lifesaver for us. Because of the natural cotton on the inside, this is THE diaper that we use for car trips and errands because my daughter is comfortable in them. And another bonus with all-natural fabrics to absorb all the yuckiness is that they don't harbor any smells like fleece sometimes does.

The snap-in insert is very absorbent and if I know we'll be out for awhile I'll slip in a kissaluvs booster, which fits perfectly between the layers of the insert, but I do know that Bottombumpers makes their own doublers as well. Even with the kissaluvs booster, they are still really trim.

This is a REALLY nice diaper - oh yes, and it dries quickly too! I am hard-pressed to come up with any cons for Bottombumpers because they are so well-made and fit for so long! These are an investment worth making, and I shopped around and Two Little Whales had the best price and awesome customer service! Thanks, Rachel!" ~Marlene

"I just recently tried Bottombumpers and I only have a few, but I have to say that I can't come up with a single bad thing to say about them! Recently, my daughter ended up in the same Bottombumper diaper for about 4 hours because she fell asleep in the car before I had a chance to change her. I transferred her to her crib and was so worried she'd have a leak. I was amazed - she woke up without a single leak!!! If this amazingly trim diaper can hold up to all that, I have something to say about it! I keep thinking that maybe I'll get a leak because they are so trim - or perhaps a blowout - but neither have occurred and they have been tested with both potential scenarios. Also, these are the ONLY diapers I own that literally barely leave marks of any kind on her skin. Now that's good. These are my diapers of choice whenever I want a nice, trim fit. They fit about as trim as a disposable. Amazing diaper!" ~Sarah
[Reviews posted with customer's permission. Thanks Marlene and Sarah !]

I'm now accepting custom preorders for Bottombumpers All In One diapers! Choose from over 200 embroidery designs to get your little one fun and functional diaper!

If you want to particular sizes/colors from the regular line, I would be glad to order those for you as well.

Bottombumpers are made by WAHMs in the USA upon placement of my order so you can expect me to receive any special requests within 2-4 weeks of my order date.

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