Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Softbums PerfectFit All In 2 Diaper - New Arrival!

I am so excited to now be offering Soft Bums at Two Little Whales. My first order will be arriving within the next week!

I have been testing these out with Allie for the several months and LOVE them. Actually, Allie does too. She has a thing for orange diapers!

These are so unique! You simply adjust the rise by pulling two tiny toggles "Snuggers" that are accessible via a little opening in the front of the cover.

The shell gets SO itty bitty at the smallest that it fits in the palm of my hand!

No worries of your baby being between rise settings since you can adjust down a to nanometer!

I think this is the trimmest diaper one size diaper we have ever used...out of A LOT! It is definitely right up there for trimmest even taking sized diapers into consideration.

Purchase the Basic Pack - one shell and 3 fleece topped microfiber snaps ins for $33.99 and that is just $11.33 per diaper change!

Go with the bamboo fleece snap ins topped with Organic Bamboo Velour for $44.46 and that is just $14.82 per diaper change!

Full details here!

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Johnna said...

Love the Basic Pack and the price is great, especially with a coupon code!