Friday, March 6, 2009

New One Size Pocket Diapers - Rocky Mountain Diapers

USA Made One Size Pocket Diapers

Allie has had a Rocky Mountain One Size Diaper since January.
We like it so much that you can now find them at Two Little Whales!

Easy to use- Just wraps around baby and snaps shut.

Easy to Adjust- Rocky Mountain Diapers feature an internal adjustment system that allows for a trim fit tailored to your baby’s body type, without a cluttered external snap arrangement.

Simple Shape- No Messy Snap Adjustments on the front of the diaper.

Tangle Free Laundry- We use snaps, not Velcro for ease of use and tangle-free laundering.

Buy Just Once- Internal rise adjustment allows diaper to fit great from newborn diapering to toddler potty learning.

Stay Dry- Our suede-cloth inner keeps babies bums dry all day or night!

Trim Fit- The shape of the diaper makes for a super trim fitting diaper.

Adorable Legs Gathers- Generous gathers around the leg holes to prevent leaks.

Great Color Combos- You will never get bored with these fabulous colors combinations!

These do require an insert for absorbency which is not included. We mostly use 2G Loopy Do inserts in them, but I have yet to try an insert that doesn't fit.

I rarely deviate from our no fail bedtime diapers, but she has successfully made it through the night wearing the Rocky Mountain One Size Diaper with a Super Do! Even with sleeping almost 12 hours with the insert pretty well saturated the super soft suede cloth kept her feeling dry.!

I love the hidden rise adjustment. Like any one size it can take a couple tries to figure out the best setting for your baby. Once you get it set properly you don't have to move it until your little one grows a bit.

Check them out!


The Harper Family said...

Those are SO CUTE!!!

Marlene W. said...

Wow, these look awesome!! When July comes, I will definitely be placing an order to try one out. Possibly before using Svea as a guinea pig, if I can't help myself :)

Johnna said...

Looks like a great dipe!